How to Test Internet Speed of Your VPS

In this tutorial i’ll explain “How to Test Internet Speed of Your VPS”  , Most Linux-based Virtual Private Servers (vps) does not support GUI (graphical-based interface) so you have to manage everything from command line within your Terminal window or Putty. is a well known Internet speed test available by simply accessing their site on any web browser that supports Flash. But they do also provide another way to conduct the test, via command line. So here it is the tutorial is all about.

Ok Let’s Get Started 🙂

Step 1 – download script

wget -O ""
wget -O ""
wget ""
wget ""
wget ""

Step 2A – Performing Speed Test (Without Share)


Step 2B – Performing Speed Test (With Share)

./ --share

btw this my result speedtest of vps digitalocean 🙂

How to install screenfetch on Linux ( Ubuntu Debian Centos )

In this tutorial i’ll explain tutorial how to install screenfetch on linux ( CentOS Debian Ubuntu ) screenfetch is very important, we will know specification vps, ram user, cpu, kernel and other .


The installation process is very easy.

  1. Open on Putty
  2. Log in (Password Root VPS)
  3. Following the script

Step 1 – touch screenfetch-dev

apt-get install -y unzip
mv screenFetch-master/screenfetch-dev /usr/bin
cd /usr/bin
mv screenfetch-dev screenfetch
chmod +x /usr/bin/screenfetch
chmod 755 screenfetch
echo "clear" .bash_profile
echo "screenfetch" .bash_profile

Step 2 – Download

wget -O screenfetch-dev ""
mv screenfetch-dev /usr/bin/screenfetch
chmod +x /usr/bin/screenfetch
echo "clear" >> .profile
echo "screenfetch" >> .profile

Reboot and you’ll see a screenfetch on putty or terminal after logged in 🙂