How to install screenfetch on Linux ( Ubuntu Debian Centos )

In this tutorial i’ll explain tutorial how to install screenfetch on linux ( CentOS Debian Ubuntu ) screenfetch is very important, we will know specification vps, ram user, cpu, kernel and other .


The installation process is very easy.

  1. Open on Putty
  2. Log in (Password Root VPS)
  3. Following the script

Step 1 – touch screenfetch-dev

apt-get install -y unzip
mv screenFetch-master/screenfetch-dev /usr/bin
cd /usr/bin
mv screenfetch-dev screenfetch
chmod +x /usr/bin/screenfetch
chmod 755 screenfetch
echo "clear" .bash_profile
echo "screenfetch" .bash_profile

Step 2 – Download

wget -O screenfetch-dev ""
mv screenfetch-dev /usr/bin/screenfetch
chmod +x /usr/bin/screenfetch
echo "clear" >> .profile
echo "screenfetch" >> .profile

Reboot and you’ll see a screenfetch on putty or terminal after logged in 🙂

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