Build Chromium OS on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi guys how are you ? i hope you fine đŸ™‚ oke in this article i will be describe building Chromium OS and running Chromium OS on KVM, i’m running in KVM VPS Ubuntu and this tutorial have a few step like :

  • Build Chromium OS
  • Write Chromium OS to USB
  • Run Chromium OS on QEMU
  • Run Chromium OS on KVM with virt-manager

Build ChromiumOS

Please install repo and create ${HOME}/.repo_.gitconfig.json beforehand

cat ~/
  "color.ui": [
  "": [
  "": [

The following command will create chromium_image.bin

sudo apt install -y git-core gitk git-gui subversion curl
git clone
export PATH=${PWD}/depot_tools/:${PATH}
mkdir chromium
cd chromium
repo init -u
repo sync
export BOARD=amd64-generic
cros_sdk -- ./build_packages --board=${BOARD}
cros_sdk -- ./build_image --board=${BOARD} dev

Write ChromiumOS to USB

Run the following command after inserting USB. Running USB boot with this USB will run ChromiumOS.

cros_sdk -- cros flash --board=${BOARD} usb://

Run ChromiumOS on QEMU

You can run ChromiumOS on QEMU with this. But I cannot connect to internet

Run ChromiumOS on KVM with virt-manager

You need the following settings.

  • Add src/build/images/${BOARD}/latest/chromiumos_image.bin to “IDE Disk” as raw image.
  • Set “Device model” of “Virtual Network Interface” to e1000.
  • Set “Video Device” to cirrus.
  • Mouse pointer needs “VNC server”, “EvTouch USB Graphics Tablet” as input device and running virt-viewer (virt-manager’s viewer does not display mouse pointer).

virt-viewer displays as following.

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